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All the NZPM mentors are experienced investors who use their knowledge to help you move forward.

They are all active residential property investors – successful in their particular combination of trading, investing, mentoring, advising and project management. They are perfectly positioned to guide you into putting theory into practice.

We strive for a high level of customer service and aim to assist you in achieving your property investment goals.

We are an education service and do not sell property, so we are able to give you unbiased advice and guidance.

What we do well, is teach you how to invest for yourself and reach your financial goals. Because we teach you how to do it (rather than just telling you what to do), you can apply the knowledge you gain from the mentoring programme long after you complete the course.

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Than was born in the beautiful country of Ceylon, and spent most of his childhood in the Pacific Islands before calling New Zealand home.

Having had to flee his birth country due to civil war, and later start a new life in New Zealand as a young adult, Than is no stranger to goal setting and hard work. Not only has he become a successful property flipper and investor, he is also involved in several other businesses.

Than has a huge interest in the property market, and has invested both time and money learning from the best. He began his property journey in 2015 and since then has completed multiple property deals, progressing to the stage where he has been able to give up salaried work to focus on property full-time. Over the last 12 months, Than has traded seven properties with a joint venture partner, creating an after-tax profit of more than $200k.

Than has a great work ethic, a terrific sense of humour, and is a passionate and caring mentor, who gently guides clients towards their property goals.

Example deal

In January 2019, Than purchased this four-bedroom house with large double garage and swimming pool in the South Auckland suburb of Manurewa. The vendor wanted to buy another property at auction in two weeks’ time, so needed to sell quickly. Because Than could act fast and therefore meet the seller’s deadline, he was able to buy the property for $551k, which was approximately $30,000 under market value.
Being a tidy property, it only needed a small amount of work before it was ready to go back on the market. It took $25k and just two weeks to renovate, which included minor repairs, painting inside and out, laying new carpet, updating appliances, professionally cleaning and landscaping.
Than listed the property for sale privately (i.e. not through a real estate agent), and within two weeks it was under contract at $680k. Although the sale went unconditional, the purchasers couldn’t settle. So Than ended up listing with a low-fee real estate agent, selling two months later for $673k.
Taking all costs into account, including renovation, selling and holding costs (legal, agent, interest, rates, insurance etc.), Than made a pre-tax profit of just over $67k. After deducting GST and income tax, this equated to a net profit of well over $40k.

Maggie is an experienced property investor who has already built a portfolio that will provide for her retirement. She works full time in the property industry and has a great deal of experience managing subdivision projects for clients.

Her exceptionally keen eye for detail enables Maggie to successfully supervise design concepts, coordinate consultants, obtain consents and oversee compliance during and after construction. She also guides clients tackling management of their first development project and advises on a variety of property matters.

Maggie has personally completed a number of great property deals that have generated both instant equity and good positive cash flow. Although in a position where she could cash up and retire, Maggie chooses to continue investing in property and is committed to helping others do the same.

Being extremely organised, as well as personally experienced in renovating and holding property, Maggie is a valuable mentor with a huge amount to offer her clients.

Example deal

This deal is a prime example of how being a suburb expert allows you to identify bargains. The property was located in the South Auckland suburb of Mangere East and was advertised on TradeMe with an asking price of $640K and current rent of $650 per week.
Being very knowledgeable about the area, Maggie recognised there was scope to significantly increase the rent, and that the property was advertised below market value. Additionally, it had been on the market for months, so she knew the vendor would be motivated to sell. She made an offer of $620k, which the vendor accepted.
Maggie did not need to undertake any renovations at all, and was able to immediately rent the property for $950 per week. A month after settlement it was valued at $830k – meaning Maggie created instant equity of $210k.

Lisa comes from a background of hardworking rat-race parents. She failed at school (only doing well at maths and numbers) and left to train as a chef, an experience that taught her great work ethics but for very little pay. She then moved on to work closely with family entrepreneurs where she began to understand business.

She enjoyed learning about business and then read Rich Dad Poor Dad, which is what opened her eyes to property. Lisa says, "I know I could have a 9 to 5 job but instead I chose to learn and understand all aspects of property. This has led me along the path to building my property portfolio and getting me out of the rat race."

Lisa now flips property and project manages renovations full time, with over 26 Joint Venture property deals to date, while also growing her own buy-to-let portfolio. In the last 12 months Lisa has completed eight flips with a JV partner, generating over $500k in profit.

Example deal

Lisa found out from the real estate agent that the vendor for this South Auckland property had already left NZ due to a job transfer, and the house was vacant. Consequently, the seller’s most pressing need was for a sure offer and a quick settlement.
Lisa made a cash offer with settlement in three weeks, and included a condition giving her early access to start the required renovations. Even though she was in a multi-offer situation, the vendor accepted her offer because it met his most important requirements.
Lisa spent the three-week settlement period renovating the property – she removed the dated wallpaper, installed new carpet, replaced the kitchen benchtop and appliances and updated the splashback, and modernised the lighting. As well as updating the interior, she landscaped the garden, trimmed trees to let in more sun, water-blasted the house and painted the fence. In total, the renovations cost $20k. As soon as she settled the purchase, Lisa staged the home and had it back on the market.
Within three days, she had an offer on the property. After taking all costs, including renovation, legal costs, agent’s fees and tax, into account, she made a profit of $46k - a pretty good result for three weeks work!

Anita is happily married to Brooke, and together they’ve raised their three sons on a lifestyle block surrounded by horses, dogs, cats and about 20 fish.

Anita uses her long career as a social worker to bring the best out in her clients. Drawing from a wealth of life and property experience, she’s a property ninja, negotiator and project manager, having completed a plethora of renovation projects as buy-to-lets and buy-to-sells. In the last 18 months alone, Anita has traded 15 deals and made good profits.

Anita now works full-time flipping and investing in property – she lives and breathes the entire process. A dedicated and caring mentor, she has hands-on, practical know-how, so you know you are in safe hands.

Example deal

In January 2019, Anita purchased this property in Mangere, Auckland for $610k by private sale. There was a house and a minor dwelling on the site, both of which had unpermitted renovations (including carports). This meant many buyers wouldn’t even consider the property due to the issues that needed to be rectified. However, due to her local area knowledge and access to a building expert who told her what needed to be removed and what could stay, Anita knew she could make it work.
She spent $81k completely renovating both the dwellings and the grounds, including new bathrooms, wiring, plumbing and painting, which took eight weeks. Including holding costs, legal fees and marketing/agent’s fees, her total cost for the property was $733K.
Within two weeks of putting the property back on the market, Anita sold it for $800k, making an after-tax profit of over $56k.

It was 20 years ago that Davina discovered her passion for property. At the time, she was running a successful business and it was her accountant who suggested she and her husband start building an asset base through property. She quickly realised property would be the pathway to express her creativity and make a difference, while creating a lucrative business for her and her family.

Davina knew the key to success was to take action and get started, so she began by educating herself about property. She read books and surrounded herself with people already in the industry who were doing deals and making money with the right strategies, and copied what they did. To date, Davina has flipped 30 properties and at the same time has been building her buy-to-hold portfolio.

Giving back is very important to Davina, and on top of her own property success, she has created opportunities for her family (three generations) to be involved, so they are succeeding in property as well. She has also helped people in her community to buy their first homes, and has been able to house families in need of rental housing. Davina is a natural leader and makes a strong yet empathetic mentor, who is dedicated to seeing her clients succeed.

Example deal

When Davina purchased this house in June 2017, it was a complete dump with six bedrooms and 22 tenants. Due to its condition, she was able to purchase it for $390k, and she then spent $110k renovating the entire property.
Davina made substantial improvements, including painting inside and out, and installing new flooring. She turned one of the bedrooms into an ensuite bathroom, removed the kitchen, installing a new one at the opposite end of the house, and created space for indoor and outdoor entertaining.
After the renovations were complete, the property re-valued at $975k, an equity gain of $475k. Davina has kept it as her own home, demonstrating how a wealth-building mindset doesn’t only apply to investment property. Additionally, at some stage in the future, Davina could consider turning the property into an Airbnb, which would generate a yield of close to 20%.

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