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NZPM offers a variety of packages, so you can choose the one that best suits your particular situation.

The programmes are tailored to your requirements and include help with some or all of the below (depending on what you need).

The first step is to work out a property investment and/or trading strategy to suit your personal circumstances. Once your strategy is set, we’ll help you to set your buying rules, which will make your purchase decisions much easier.

Support network
NZPM will be your coach, but we’ll also help you to build your team of professionals. These are people you’ll use regularly when purchasing or selling property, and can include accountants, lawyers, mortgage brokers, and more.

Finding and buying
Knowing which property to buy is critically important. NZPM will teach you how to search for and identify suitable properties, make sure they fit your buying rules, and even assist you with the negotiations to purchase them at the right price.


Due diligence
Before you buy you need to consider:

  • comparative market analysis
  • yield analysis
  • physical issues (leaks, flooding, methamphetamine contamination, etc)

NZPM can help you tick all the boxes as part of your due diligence before purchasing.

Adding value
Adding value is the main goal of New Zealand Property Mentors, as that’s where wealth is manufactured. NZPM can assist you with assessing potential for adding value, including renovations, subdivision, land banking and development. We can also introduce you to people who can help you through those processes if necessary.

Selling or renting
Once you’ve purchased and added value, NZPM can guide you through the selling process (if you decide to trade) or explain how to arrange tenants and organise property management (if you decide to hold).


Each programme has a specified number of one-on-one mentoring hours to use as you require them. And of course you can purchase additional hours if you wish to extend your mentoring time further.

The Premier and Elite packages also include monthly group on-road days that enhance your progress with supported time viewing properties in Auckland.


All our mentoring programmes begin with an introductory session. This is an opportunity to meet your mentor and get your education off to a great start.

During this session you will develop fundamental skills in market value analysis, and cover other essential things to know, such as how to complete Agreements for Sale and Purchase.

During the introductory session, you also have an opportunity to explore and define the strategies that will best suit your individual circumstances.


As part of each mentoring package, you have access to Wealth Suite – a powerful and comprehensive online learning, analysis, planning and forecasting resource. Helpdesk support for Wealth Suite is provided as part of your mentorship.

Your mentoring programme also includes a 12-month subscription to RPNZ and Property Guru by CoreLogic. These research tools allow you to complete analysis with high quality and industry recognised data inputs.


If you’d like to know more about NZPM’s mentoring programmes and see how they could add value to your life, please fill out the form below. One of our mentors would be very pleased to talk to you and answer any questions you may have

Alternatively you you can email us on or phone us on +64 9 522 7955

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