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Each of our mentoring programmes provides full access to Wealth Suite – a powerful and comprehensive online learning, analysis, planning and forecasting resource developed for clients.

There are five key Wealth Suite components and many hours of video and extensive written information and resources. Wealth Suite offers you a dynamic educational and analytical resource.

Wealth Tracker

This module tracks your assets and liabilities. You can use it to analyse individual properties as well as a total property portfolio and other asset classes.

Wealth Forecaster

The forecaster module tracks your financial goals and targets using an analysis and projection tool. You can model your future financial outcomes and ‘what if’ scenarios e.g. ‘what happens if I purchase property A or property B’.

This section of the suite allows you to set your retirement goals and identify the ‘gap’ between your current situation and your desired retirement lifestyle. The gap can be eliminated in a number of ways, including residential property investment.

Forecaster allows you to identify the actions you need to take to achieve your goals and model their effectiveness at closing the ‘gap’ and building wealth.

Property Analyst

In the analyst module you can model prospective property investments and upload your due diligence research to refer to later and share with your advisors.

Analyst also allows you to migrate a prospective property into Wealth Tracker and Wealth Forecaster at the click of a button.


The Resources section of Wealth Suite has extensive written information, quizzes, and many hours of video content to further your education and assist with your property investing.

Research Tools

To be able to accurately gauge market value for properties, you need powerful tools so you can make robust investment decisions. Two of the best tools available in New Zealand are RPNZ and Property Guru, both powered by CoreLogic, and these are included as part of your mentoring package.

  • RPNZ is the online property intelligence tool used by property professionals throughout New Zealand. With RPNZ, CoreLogic property data and analytics deliver insights packaged in a smart, fast and easy to use tool.
  • Property Guru is a serious solution for property professionals and provides detailed property market and sales information.

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